GotChosen: Powering Social Ad Success

GotChosen is an American company with subsidiaries in Brazil and India. The company provides cutting-edge social ad solutions to help advertisers and creators unlock their full online earning potential.

GotChosen innovative approach is driven by two powerful platforms:

Collab Marketplace

This full-service influencer platform connects brands with a network of talented creators, facilitating seamless collaboration and campaign execution to an unlimited audience reach.

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Social Monetization App

This app allows creators of all sizes to monetize their short videos directly with money earned through GotChosen’s advertisers and expand their monetization to other social media platforms.

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Oz Silva - CEO


GotChosen was founded by Brazilian entrepreneur, Oz Silva. In the beginning, Oz created a scholarship program as part of his strategy to build the company's online presence while developing the technology. College students provided valuable feedback while competing for funding, helping GotChosen refine its technology.

From Scholarships to Social Impact:
GotChosen's Empowering Journey

GotChosen's innovative approach empowered 75 students to achieve their educational goals.

Today, GotChosen has evolved to address a critical need for the ever-growing creator community - 1.6 billion strong! Our mission: to equip them with the best monetization platform, accessible to all.