An AI Driven Influencer Platform
Maximize your ROI and reduce your CAC with GotChosen’s proprietary intelligent social ad solutions. If you are paying for fake traffic, your ROAS results are negligible.
Collab Marketplace
A Performance Based Audience Reach Solution to Brands
GotChosen Collab Marketplace provides unlimited audience reach and allows brands to launch predictable and measurable sponsored campaigns from a single place to maximize impact & real ROI.
  • 17B+

    Ads Impressions served

  • 20K+

    Brands used our ad solutions

  • +25%

    Avg increase on ROAS

  • 99.9%

    UpTime Fraud Protection

Is Influencer Marketing Broken?
GotChosen Has the Answer.
Traditional influencer marketing can be misleading by bots. Your campaigns appear successful, but the impact is minimal considering the amount of money invested. Don’t pay for vanity metrics. Get real results with GotChosen!
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