Our Platform

GotChosen’s platform creates an onsite social content monetization experience

GotChosen’s innovative Social Content SSP creates an onsite social content monetization experience that optimizes engagement for audiences, revenue for publishers, and performance for advertisers. With a variety of deployment options with direct & programmatic monetization capabilities, GotChosen’s platform is flexible, scalable, and powerful.

Today’s content promotion tools only serve to promote either recommended content or third party content. GotChosen flips the script by creating a platform for publishers to promote and expand on their social media voice, whether it be a single site or an entire network.

How it Works

GotChosen creates flexible and customizable social content monetization experiences for publishers across all desktop and mobile devices. We surround social media posts with programmatic display, native, and outstream advertising to maximize revenue per session and create an opportunity to expand on-site direct and private marketplace deals into social media content for the first time ever.

Social Carousel

Fun and engaging content delivery

Our social carousel is a fun and engaging widget that dynamically renders new social media content as it posts, allowing audiences to engage with multi-channel social posts without ever leaving the page. The Carousel is entirely customizable, allowing publishers to selectively promote certain channels for both audience development targeting and media sales.

Social Hub

Our social hub service enables publishers to aggregate their social content on their sites

Our social content SSP dynamically presents users with a publisher’s social media content, making websites a complete omni-channel content hub. Publishers can easily enable this feature from their dashboard and run their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube content via our Social Media SSP platform. Multi-domain operators can cross-promote content from multiple sites.

Social Advertising

GotChosen creates a new inventory of Social Advertising

GotChosen creates a new category of inventory - programmatic on-site Social Advertising. Our technology brings the power of a publishers' programmatic stack to their social media content for the first time ever.

For too long, publishers have created valuable social content without receiving fair advertiser revenue in return. GotChosen enables publishers to monetize display, native, and video ads in the form of social posts inside of our carousel and overlay, increasing both content engagement and interaction with the advertising.

Full Stack & Cross Platform

We offer a seamless user experience to desktop and mobile web platforms

Our social content supply side platform includes a full stack and robust ad serving system, open and private marketplace demand services, and transparent brand safety & GDPR compliance tools.

Ad Serving

Our ad serving functionality provides direct sales, private deals and programmatic advertising. We are compatible with display, video and native formats to run campaigns on our unique social advertising technology.

Social Content Serving

Our social hub service is compatible with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Very soon we will also offer LinkedIn and Pinterest integration.

Brand Safety

Our intelligent brand safety protects both sides. Publishers can block ads from specific brands, advertisers, URLs, and categories. And Advertisers can block their ads to display on publishers that may have sensitive content on their pages.

Easy Integration

We provide a dashboard interface to each of our publishers where they can customize their social content settings, configure features and access the tags they need to integrate our technology.

Engagement and revenue

Our Social Content SSP helps publishers to maximize engagement and revenue per session

Publishers today face challenges not dreamed of even a year ago. While most publishers have fully embraced programmatic monetization, managing an editorial voice and publishing strategy across multiple channels in a way that both maximizes revenue AND engagement is harder than ever. GotChosen’s technology works to maximize engagement and revenue per session by introducing an entirely new monetization platform to supplement a publishers’ already-established advertising revenue stream.


Via our carousel and social content overlay, we introduce new ad slots alongside new content. GotChosen leverages a full stack of programmatic providers across display, native, and video ad slots to maximize revenue per placement.


Keeping users on each page longer means giving the reader an opportunity to consume more content. Our social platform allows the publisher to maximize profit per page, per session, and per customer.

Audience Retention
Audience Retention

GotChosen’s social content SSP presents users with a publishers’ social media content as it happens, making owned and operated websites go-to destinations for readers.


GotChosen is also a social network! GotChosen’s social platform was built primarily as a resource for sharing information about scholarships and education, but has since grown into a niche, brand safe social network.

GotChosen was built with one mission in mind

To enable publishers to monetize their social media content

Even with recent changes to how social media platforms promote editorial content, publishers cannot turn their backs on social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and the rest still represent channels with massive reach and brand impact. However, as diversified revenue models take hold and programmatic advertising matures, publishers are returning their focus to organic audience development.

Publishers deserve the ability to promote ALL of their content to their readers in an environment where they can maximize revenue.

The most important metrics in publishing are time on site, profit per session, and lifetime value.

Programmatic monetization of all content is a publishers’ right. If content is created, the publisher is entitled to monetize it directly.

Social platforms have grown on the backs of published content, so now publishers can grow on the backs of social platforms.